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Hola, soy Alvaro.Y hago dibujitos. Pero estoy en tratamiento.





I remember when I was still a boy, one night I dreamt my dad was the Incredible Hulk, he looked very cool all green and angry. He was punching down a bunch of cops and military guys, and ripped their arms off.

I told my dad (Who was the Incredible Hulk in my dream) "Wow dad, you are so cool! I want to be like you when I grow up! Big, angry and green!" and my dad said I was cool too, and gave me a high five. Then he killed a monster with three heads and offer me to drink the blood of the monster so I could a vampire, and I would become immortal.

Once I become a vampire, I thanked my dad, and I flew away to distant lands, looking for new and young victims.

Sadly, that was a dream, and my dad wasn't the Incredible Hulk, instead he was an embittered alcoholic man, so I cried with bitterness, and asked him: "Why can't the Incredible Hulk be my dad"? and I ran away from home, crying.

Later that day I met the Incredible Hulk who was my neighbor, and the Incredible Hulk asked me why I was sad, and I told him I wanted my dad to be more like him instead of an embittered alcoholic man. Hulk smiled, and put his hand on my shoulder, and told me the following words with agentle voice:

"Dude, stop being a jerk to your dad, he is not perfect, but he is your dad, so you must love him even if he is an embittered alcoholic man."

I thanked the Incredible Hulk for his advice, and I returned home, where I apologized my dad, who was drunk and very depressed.

I told him: "Dad, I love you even if you are just an embittered alcoholic man and not the Incredible Hulk"

"I love you too son..." He replied, and then he vomited, and then he fell asleep for several hours.

Since that day, I'm thankful with The Incredible Hulk for teaching me to appreciate my dad more, and we both hope my dad one day will become a good, decent person, even if he is not like The Incredible Hulk.

Thank you, Incredible Hulk.

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Chapter 5: The Fist

Stock-fist by Amalockh1
Warning: This chapter contains some smoking and drug use, and also contains the use of some controversial symbols related with satanism. As the author of this story, I just want to clarify I don't support satanism in any form, but I needed to include those kind of stuff to reinforce Clarence's evilness.
Hope this clarifies things ;)

In planet Eltar:

Eltar by Amalockh1
“Oooowwww, my head…” Steven mumbled as he slowly regained his senses.
He had a terrible headache and wanted to vomit blood, but he didn't do that. “What the fuck happened? Where are we?”

“I think we are…In another planet.” Connie replied as she woke up. “Holy fucking shit, we are in another planet Steven, what the fuck!”

Then she and Steven thought they will vomit, but they didn't do that. Instead of that, they started walking in a funny manner cos they were dizzy because all the messy space travel and tried to wake up the others.

“Amethyst! AMETHYST! Please, wake up!” Steven said as he shook the unconscious Amethyst.

“Steven, you are doing it wrong!” Connie intervened. “That's not how you woke up some unconscious asshole! Look man, you slapping is way too soft. You need to slap the unconscious dipshit harder!”

And then Connie started slapping the unconscious Amethyst with all her inner strength that was left on her body, as she screamed the following words:

“WAKE UP! Wake up, Amethyst, you fucking piece of purple shit! Wake up before I fucking kill you!”
Then Connie got tired of slapping Amethyst, so she started punching her.

“Stop, Connie! Stop! You are hurting her!” Steven said as he tried to stop Connie’s increasing anger, but she put him away as she shrieked:

“Back off, you fucking piece of milquetoast! I'm trying to REANIMATE an unconscious person here, don't lecture me about my behavior!!!”

“But Connie…”

“Look Steven, if you wanna be helpful, start slapping Mayor Dewey on his fucking face until he wakes up. Or just punch and call him motherfucker as you do that…”

“Okay, I will do that…”

“Don't forget to call him motherfucker as you punch him!”


While Connie was punching Amethyst on her face (Connie even head-butted her and called Amethyst a Jammerlappen lol) Steven was ready to punch Mayor Dewey in the face in order to make him to wake up from his unconsciousness but he punched him very softly and he even sound gentle when he called Mayor Dewey a motherfucker because Steven was very polite and had a thin voice like he was a small kid, but he was 19 in this story.

“Steven, what the fuck are you DOING? “ Connie demanded to know, with an angry expression on her face. “You call that a punch? You have to punch that son of bitch harder if you want to make him to regain his senses!”

“Connie, I'm… I'mnot really sure about this…”

“Punch him harder, you little jammerlappen (lol)! PUNCH HIM HARDER, OR I WILL BE THE ONE WHO WILL HAVE TO PUNCH HIM! And then I will have to punch you…”

“But Connie…”

“HARDER STEVEN! YOU HAVE TO PUNCH HIM HARDER! And also you need to call him motherfucker as you do that. Otherwise won't look as badass as I am.”

“Well, Connie…If you say so…”

But even at that moment, Steven had some doubts. Because respected Mayor Dewey almost as he respected his father. Also Mayor Dewey and his dad used to be a couple and they even had sex and went on vacations together for a couple of months. They broke up because Mayor Dewey could not forget Pearl and decided to stay as friends, but they still had some sex from time to time.

When his father revealed this to Steven, he was shocked and surprised by this, but he was not angry, because Steven was kinda bi too and he was able to understand what his father felt when he and Mayor Dewey went on vacation together and promised to be respectful with Mayor Dewey for having sex with his dad. So punching him really hard was a though call for Steven.

“Okay…Here we go…”

“Just punch that damn motherfucker in face, Steven…Just punch him…With all the strength of your heart and mind…”

Steven sighed and thought in many things that made him angry, like One Direction or when TV shows tried to make references to memes that stopped being funny at least five years ago, and reuniting all his anger, he was finally able to make the first decent punch hit of his entire life, breaking the nose of Mayor Dewey as he screamed:

“Take this, motherfucker!”

“EUUUGH!” Mayor Dewey said, as he regained his consciousness, feeling the taste of his own blood falling down from his broken nose to his lips. “What the fuck! Why is my nose broken? Oh fuck, it hurt so much…”

Steven felt bad for breaking the nose of Mayor Dewey, but then he had the idea of using his magical healing saliva to heal the broken nose.

“Don't worry Mayor Dewey, I can fix this!” Steven said, and then he licked the broken nose and Mayor Dewey was all “Ewww, what the fucks are you doing kid, that’s gross!” but then his nose was immediately healed and even looked better than before. He looked at least 5 years younger with his new nose, so Mayor Dewey said:

“Oh yeah, I forgot you were able to do that, hah hah!”

“Hah hah, indeed!” replied Steven they both laughed like morons.

“But that still doesn't explain why you broke my nose on the first place, Steven…”

“Oh yeah…About that…”

But before Steven was able to make a proper explanation for his last action, some mysterious hooded guys entered the spaceship pointing laser guns to Steven and his friends, and one of the hooded guys said:

“Don't move! Don't move or we will shot this laser guns to your face!”

“Hands up! Put your damn hands where we could see them or we will shot our lasers to your damn faces!”

At first Steven and the others acted like they were going to obey these orders, but then, before those mysterious characters could react, Connie did a fast kungfu movement that allowed her to kick the laser guns from the hands of the hooded guys and Steven tackled them graciously. They were so shocked by this unexpected reaction that Mayor Dewey had enough time to kick the hooded guys in the balls making them to fall down to the ground, screaming in pain while they grabbed their groins.

“Now let's see who's beneath the hood!” Steven exclaimed, before unmasking their mysterious attackers.

And when he did that, he and others gasped, because they couldn't believe what their eyes were seeing:
The mysterious attackers were Mr. Gus, Tiny Miracle and Giant Realistic Flying Tiger! The best friends of Uncle Grandpa! (AN: Pizza Steve wasn't with them cos he died a long time ago, because Amethyst ate him.)

“Oh dear…” Steven said with disbelief.

Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth…
Earth-Wallpaper-planet-earth-9444615-1024-768 by Amalockh1

Sadie still had 64 hours left to decide if she was going to marry Clarence or not. She didn't want to do that, but didn't have a choice: If she rejected Clarence, then he will start torturing her boyfriend Lars and her mom. However, Sadie considered that having to live as Clarence's mistress could be something worse than dead, so she decided that her only choice was killing herself.

“If only I had a knife or gun to put myself out of my misery…” Sadie sighed. She could not even try to escape because Clarence chained her to the walls of her prison-room, where she had to stay until she made her decision. “I swear, this fucking worst summer ever. If only I had just moved to Canada when I had the chance…”

Since her hands where chained, she couldn't try to choke herself, so instead of that she hit her head on the wall, hoping the hit was strong enough to kill her, but it only left her unconscious.

Meanwhile, Clarence was having his breakfast in Mayor Dewey's office. A few moments ago, he redecorated the whole in order to make it look far more decadent than it actually was, defiling the pictures that were hanged there, painting dicks and profanities over them.

Clarence also replaced Mayor Dewey's mahogany desk with his throne, which was made of dead Pokémons and their trainers.  During his breakfast, Clarence ate some Pokémon eggs he stole from Pokémon world when he was there, and drank the blood of some of the people he murdered, because the demon that lived inside him was also part vampire and liked the taste of blood like most evil beings.

“I'm bored now. I guess I will start another genocide to amuse myself…” Clarence said, before using his demonic powers to travel to another dimension. He travelled to the Beyblade world, the Monsuno world, the Dinosaur King world, the Chaotic world and the Bakugan world, and murdered almost everyone there. He kept some of the monsunos to use them as a part of their army, but killed everyone else, and he sexually abused the corpses of each one of his victims. He decorated his new office with the naked corpses of Tom Majors, Tyson and Chase, and named this collection of corpses as “Clarence's whores” because could still abuse them, even after their deaths.

Clarence did not feel any remorse for killing all those poor schmucks and said to himself their world sucked anyway so it was ok for him vanishing them from existence. However, he was still bored, and Sadie still had 52 hours to announce her final decision, so Clarence decided to see what were Jeff and Sumo doing: That is how he discovered they were celebrating a sadomasochistic orgy with a Nazi theme.

“You fucking bastards!” Clarence said, as his eyes went all big and shiny, almost as he was an anime character. “How dare you to celebrate a bondage Nazi party without telling me about it?”

“Look, Clarence…” Jeff replied “We were going to tell you about this party, but you were so upset because your almost girlfriend rejected you or something, so we thought you were not in the mood for this. Later, when we tried to talk with you again, you weren't at your office, so we started our party anyway…”

“Okay, first of all Sadie is not my “almost” girlfriend. She is my future bride. We are made for each other, is just that she hasn't yet realized I'm the man of her life, and she definitely would be happier with me than with his wimp boyfriend. Second: she hasn't rejected me, she is just thinking about my marriage proposal…And I gave her 72 hours to think about that, before I kill her and everyone she loves…And third: What the fuck, let's enjoy this party together makes her mind about marrying me or not! Woo-Hoo!”

“Okay Clarence, but you need to get more appropriate clothes for our little fete, my dear friend…
Then Jeff ordered one of his demon servants to take Clarence to the dressing room: There Clarence changed his regular clothes for a more provocative Nazi bondage outfit made of black leather with some silver ornaments which had some satanic symbols, like pentagrams, goat heads and the hippie symbol of peace which is actually an inverted and broken cross, thus making it a disgustingly Satanic New Age Illuminati bullshit.

“Damn, I look so fucking sexy right now! Time for some humping!” Clarence exclaimed as he came out of the dressing room.

“You look gorgeous, master…” the demon servant said, while secretly wishing he could be just as evil as Clarence was.

In the party some people from beach City and some other people kidnapped from other cities by the demons were stripped naked and chained. Among them there was Harold Smiley, Greg Universe, Kevin Time, Jamie and some other guy whose name I don't remember, but he appeared in the episode “Garnet Universe” (I didn't like that episode very much but whatever) among others.

Jeff and Sumo had much fun giving lashes to Harold and Greg and forcing them to walk in 4 legs like they were their dogs (AN: Those two motherfuckers were actually frustrated because their shitty parents didn't buy them a dog when they were kids, so this was the vindictive way in which they dealt with their pathetic frustration lol) and forcing them to suck each other’s dicks against their will and then forced them to lick each other wounds and assholes.

Jeff and Sumo were turned on by their own sadism, so they started making out and had sex while a sexy jazzy music played on the background.  

Then the music turned all techno and sinister, but Jeff and Sumo keep fucking while the demons started smoking pot and marihuana, and other illegal drugs like crack, they sniffed from the stomach of the humiliated survivors from Beach City.

It was a very decadent party, where kids were forced to do drugs (AN: I don't think kids doing drugs is ok, but Clarence is a force of evil in this story, so he obviously wanted to drug kids to corrupt them)

Then Clarence started whipping Harold, Jaime and Greg, and he ignored Kevin Time because he knew he was a narcissist, and by ignoring him, he was psychologically torturing him, by making him to feel less than the others.

Once he was done with the whipping, Clarence licked the blood of his whip and then he noticed Harold Smiley was crying, filled with pain and humiliation, so Clarence decided to lick his tears to feel the enjoy the taste of the sorrow Harold was suffering.

“Hey dude, please don't cry. I have decided that no matter what happens, I will keep you alive…”

“What? Why?” Harold asked.

Clarence giggled evilly, and instead of answering, he introduced three of his fingers inside Harold's butthole, making him scream in pain.

“AEOOOOOOOW!” Harold screamed, and then he screamed more, as Clarence introduced his entire fist inside his anus. “AEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWW! IT HURTS! IT HURTS SO MUCH!”

“What did you say?” Clarence asked, in a taunting manner. “Does this hurt you?”

Harold needed a few moments to answer, because the pain he was feeling during those moments just too intense.

“Stop! Stop please!” Greg begged, but Clarence just kicked him away, ignoring his pleas.

“Do you want me to stop, Harold?” Clarence asked, with sadistic glee. “Answer me, or my fist will go deeper…And deeper…”

Harold Smiley breathed heavily and then he formulated the following answer, as several tears fall down his face:


Clarence smiled again with cruelty, and with a quick but still painful movement, removed his fist from inside the anus of his victim, who started sobbing as a baby.

“Do you want to know why I decided to keep you alive, Harold?” Clarence whispered to ear of his victim. “It is because your tears of pain are so delicious to me, it would be such a shame to miss them forever…”

Once those words were said, Clarence licked the tears from the face of Harold Smiley.

“Oh yeah, this so fucking great. My dick is so hard right now…” Clarence said, and Harold and others just cried with impotence before Clarence licked their tears too.

“We're going to do this every day, all day...until it becomes as natural as breathing thing for all you…” Clarence added in a triumphant manner. “Yes. All of you will come to need the air you breathe motherfuckers…Like the air you breath…”

The demon DJ then replaced the sinister techno music with another relaxing jazz song while Jeff and Sumo continued with their sexy time and the other demons servants continued having sex and doing more drugs. Some of them even created new drugs using their hair and blood; it was literally the most satanic party ever on earth.

To be continued…

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Chapter 4: Clarence is still a fucking asshole
Far away from Beach City, at the Grand Canyon in Arizona…

Grand Canyon by Amalockh1

“Oh fuck, we are in Colorado Arizona!” Connie said. “Why are we here? I thought we were going to space?”

“That is exactly what we are going to do, Connie! Just watch! WATCH!”

And then Amethyst grabbed Steven, Connie and Mayor Dewey and made them look inside the Grand Canyon, but they didn't see anything.

“I don't see anything at all” Steven said.

“Look again, then.” But before you look, I must do this!”

And then Amethyst licked her fingers and put them over the eyes of Steven, Connie and Mayor Dewey.

“Hey, what the fuck” Mayor Dewey said.

“Is this some kind of sick fetish, you sick fuck?” Connie asked, visibly enraged.

“Amethyst, why did you do that?” Steven asked. “Do you have healing saliva like me, or what?”

“No, my little pendejo” Amethyst replied. “But my saliva does have some magical powers that allow you to see spirits and invisible things and all that shit.”

“If you had that power why you never used it before?” Steven asked.

“I only got this power 2 years ago, and Pealr forbid me to use it on you, cos she thinks it is gross, but I think is not, cos saliva is natural shit and all that, sistah.”

“I agree with Pearl…” Mayor Dewey said. “Putting your saliva in the eyes of other people is not cool.”

“Um, yeah whatever.” Amethyst replied with disdain.

“Ok, now we have the magical saliva in our eyes, what are we supposed to see?” Connie asked. “OH SHIT, I see it now!”

What Connie saw some kind of starship alien spaceship, which look like a jellyfish and was decorated with several sparkly stars, most of them rose-colored, because it was Rose Quartz who built that spaceship.

“Shit! Was this thing here the whole time?” Steven asked.

“Yes, but you could not see it before because it was invisible, but now you can see it because you now have my saliva in your eyes, kiddo.”


“What now?”

“You told us you got your magical saliva powers two years ago.  If you didn't have the magical saliva, how you and the others were able to find this spaceship before?”

“Because Garnet has a third eye that sees magical stuff and shit, remember that Steven?” Amethyst replied. “She used her third eye to hide and detect her invisible stuff and sometimes she and Garnet came to this place to kiss each other and have hot Gem sex, the crazy hos…They went here and had lots of sex, but they never invited me to go with them, the crazy hoes…But they are still my friends too…”

“Did…Did my mom went to this place too?” Steven asked.

“Yes, she also went to this place, and she also had a lot of sex with Garnet and Pearl. Lots of sex. Lots of it. Sometimes she even asked Garnet and Pearl to fuse in front of her and then she asked them to have hot gem sex with her, and sometimes she fused with Garnet or with Pearl to have hot fusion gem sex, the crazy ho. But why do you ask me this? Is because you want to know about the hot gem sex your momma used to have here with Garnet and Pearl and with Garnet and Pearl in their fused form? Is because of that? Because if it is because of that, I would say you are one sick fuck mothafucka Steven, asking me about the hot gem sex his mother used to have in the Grand Canyon…”

“I just wanted to know.” Steven replied in a shy voice.  

“Well, Steven, you are one sick fuck mothafucka for wanting to know about the hot gem sex your momma used to have here, but I still love you despite that. I guess that deep inside you have the personality of a crazy ho…”

“Thanks…I guess.”

“Ok, now that things have been cleared up, let's go inside the spaceship where my crazy hos friends used to have hot gem sex to go to Eltar to find Zordon!” Amethyst said.

“Ok” the others replied. “Let's GO! “Let's get out of here!”

Amethyst then started pressing some buttons in the control panel of the spaceship, but nothing happened.

“What the fuck?” Amethyst said, and then she pressed more buttons but nothing happened.

“Amethyst… Is there anything wrong?” Steven asked.

“YES.” Amethyst replied with anger. “Now I remember that Pearl and Garnet changed the access code of this fucking spaceship shortly after Rose kicked the bucket…I mean, after she gave up her physical form to bring Steven into the world (or some shit like that) because they didn't want me to see the videos they recorded here of them having hot gem sex inside the spaceship, the crazy hos…”

“Great…So we came here for nothing!” Connie screamed with frustration. “All is fucking lost and the fucking Clarence won! That motherfucker!”

“So now what are we going to do, Amethyst?” Steven asked.

Amethyst stayed silent for a couple of moments, lost in her thoughts. Then she started sucking her thumbs while making weird, slightly suggestive sounds that made the others feel uncomfortable, as if they were witnessing some kind of abominable stuff they were not supposed to look at. So they decided to go to their respective happy places inside their mind in order to not think about Amethyst sucking her thumbs in a suggestive manner, and this is what they saw:


Steven imagined himself dressed as a Disney princess and then being married to a muscular prince that looked like Connie and who was shirtless all the time. Steven and the shirtless prince that looked like Connie went to the beach, bought some ice cream, then they went to the cinema to see “The Fault in Our Stars” and “Divergent”. Back at their home (Which was a pink castle in the middle of a mint-colored meadow filled with wild flowers and butterflies with sparkly wings. Some pink unicorns with golden horns witnessed how Steven and the shirtless prince started making out in front of the castle, until they were naked and started to have sex in front of the unicorns and the other animals that lived in the meadow that looked like they were from a Disney movie from the 40s.

“Oh, Prince Connie, fuck me harder! I want you to penetrate me!” Princess Steven Universe said while Prince Connie was fucking him in the ass, and gave him a good slap that made Steven feel horny.

(Steven is kinda bi, lol)


Connie imagined herself as a the ruler of a post-apocalyptic wasteland who was wearing a very cool dominatrix outfit and in her dream she also had half of her head shaved and who had at least 50 sex slaves (Steven was one of her sex slaves too, and she had him with a belt as if he was her dog) and she laughed as she sexually humiliated them, putting black leather didoes inside their anuses, bitchslapping them, and force them to masturbate in front of her, while she watched with an evil grin on her face, while Steven was at her side crying and Connie forced Steven to do a sexy dance for her while he removed his clothes.  Steven cried while he was removing his clothes and Connie said:

“Cry all what you want, fucking son of bitch! I like you more when you cry and beg for mercy, fucking manlet!”

“But Connie that is so mean!” Steven cried pathetically.

“Shut the fuck up while I lick your tears and I masturbate you against your will! Your precious manlet tears of pain and humiliation! Oh yeah, how much I love the tears of pain and humiliation!”
Then Connie transformed into a vampire and started sucking the blood of her sex slaves, including Steven.

Mayor Bill Dewey:

This is what Mayor Dewey dreamt while he was trying to ignore Amethyst sucking her thumb in a suggestive manner:

He was a sheikh with 60 wives and all of them looked like Pearl except with big boobs and none of them looked at all like his actual wife.  
Aderezo Ranchero Version Steven by Amalockh1

“Oh, Mayor Dewey…” One of the Pearls said in a very seductive manner, as she caressed the chest of the mayor. “Do you want me to talk again about how big is your cock and how much I love sucking it before giving you another fellatio?”
“Yes. Yes, please. I'd like that.”

Then Pearl started talking about how big Mayor Dewey's cock was and how much she liked to suck it, and then she sucked it.
And that's it, nothing more happened during his male power fantasy dream cos Mayor Dewey wasn't very imaginative, and he was more into vanilla sex.

Back in the real world

Amethyst had stop licking her fingers in a suggestive manner and had an idea, but the others were too distracted with their own perverted fantasies, so Amethyst had to slap them in the face:

“Stop dreaming, you stupid motherfuckers! I have an idea now; I know what we should do!”

“What we should do?” Steven asked, as his irises turned into stars. He looked like an idiot.

“Okay, people, listen, this is what we are going to do: We are going to remove our shirts and we are going start making out with each other and then we are going to have some hot sex right here to compensate all those times Garnet, Pearl and Rose didn't let me be part of her hot gem sex parties!”

“What? No, Amethyst, we are not going to do that!”

“Ok, ok, you can keep your T-shirt while we are making out and having sex…”

“No! Nobody is going to make out or have sex right now, Amethyst! We have to save Beach City!”

“Fine!” Amethyst replied angrily. “Let's leave the hot gem sex for later! But then don't complain when this crazy adventure turns boring, Steven! DON'T FUCKING COMPLAIN, STEVEN! JUST FUCKING DON'T!

“Okay, Okay I won't complain when the adventure turns boring! But what we are going to do to activate this spaceship to go to Eltar?”

“And why the fuck do you want to go to Eltar, Steven? That planet is so fucking boring, and it's all a fucking desert, kinda like Mars, but less cool…”

“You told us that we will find Zordon in Eltar and that he will help us to save Beach City from Clarence!”

“But Zordon is dead, Steven…”


“Oh yeah, that shit…Sorry, sometimes I tend to forgot stuff…You know, all the beers and drugs I take to cope with my depression for not being invited to the hot sex gem parties made by Garnet, Pearl and Rose…Oh, those crazy, crazy hos get on my nerves so many times…”

“Is this fucking conversation going somewhere?” Connie asked. “Cos I'm kinda tired, so I'm going to take a sit right there while you keep arguing like a pair of fucking idiots…”

And then Connie sit down in some kind of futuristic couch that look like it was made with some kind of living tissue, but Connie didn't mind that, she just sit down the couch and accidentally activated some kind of secret mechanism that somehow made the spaceship to blast off and BOOOOOOM! Suddenly Steven, Connie and the other motherfuckers were launch into space inside the spaceship.

“CONNIE! What the fuck did you did?!”
“'I don't know, Steven! I just don't  fucking know”

“Oh shit!” Mayor Dewey exclaimed before threw up. “Fucking hell, this is the worst fucking day ever. Just the worst.”

“Yay!” Amethyst exclaimed, laughing maniacally. “We are going to Eltar and we are going to meet motherfucking Zordon! Yay!”

“No offense, Amethyst but now I kinda see why my mom, Garnet and Pearl didn't want to invite you to their sex parties!!”

“They didn't, cos they were crazy hos, that's all the explanation I need, Steven!”

Meanwhile, back on planet earth…

This was happening on Beach City:

Clarence, Sumo and Jeff had taken control over Beach City and the few survivors left became their slaves. Clarence forced them to wear ridiculous and humiliating outfits nobody would wear under any normal circumstance. Some of them were even forced to eat some shit like the tortured kids from Salo or the 120 days of Sodom.
The only one who was spared to eat shit was Sadie, which was forced to wear a sexy odalisque outfit that left nothing to the imagination. She didn't want to wear that shit, but Clarence menaced her with killing Lance and her mother.  However, she still refused to accept the disgusting sex offerings Clarence made to her.
“Come on, babe…” Clarence said one morning. “Once you get to know me you are going to realize the kind of dreamboat I am. I'm like Christian Grey: Powerful, sexy, I know what I want, and I also get sexual pleasure by pulling tampons out of women's asses. I also enjoy pulling tampons out of men's asses too, but that's a completely different matter…Come on, babe, let me see your boobs…”

Christian Grey by Amalockh1

“Don't touch me!” Sadie exclaimed defensively. “Are you unable to see I'm just not attracted to you?”

“Darling, soon you are going to realize any kind of resistance is futile…No woman (or man) of this world is able to resist my incredibly sex-appeal and gorgeous charisma…”

“Ugh!” Sadie exclaimed, with visibly disgust, turning her back on Clarence.

“I see…You are playing hard to get… Come on, darling…Just accept you have the hots for me and I will bang you like no other man has banged you before and everyone’s happy, ok?”

Sadie didn't answer anything, but she seemed visibly annoyed and disgusted by Clarence's advances on her.

Clarence then pulled out a ukulele he had stolen from Steven's house and started playing it:

“Listen this, Sadie! I made a song for you!  This song is going to make you wet yourself in pleasure! I call this song "The song that made Sadie wet herself!” Here we go!

♪ I don't care ♫

♪ I don't care ♫

About you
Your interests
Your dreams

♪ I don't care ♫

♪ I don't care ♫

About you
As a person
About you soul
About your mind…

♪ I just ♫

♪ I just ♫

Want to fuck

♪ I just ♫

♪ I just ♫

Want to fuck
Want to fuck

♪ I just ♫

♪ I just ♫

Want to fuck…

(In the ass, yeah.)

“And the song is done, what do you think babe? Have you wet yourself in pleasure already?”

“You disgust me!” Sadie replied, angrily. “You are insane if you think I will have some kind of intercourse with you, because that is not going to happen!”

“Oh yeah, bitch? Well, if that how things are going to be, you better say goodbye to your dipshit cuck boyfriend and your shitty mom and grandpa, cos I'm going to execute then tomorrow!”

“No, please, don't do that!” Sadie begged, and then Clarence said:

“If you don't want to see your dipshit boyfriend and your dipshit family beheaded by tomorrow (And you know what I will do their skulls) then you are going to make me your new boyfriend, and then you are going to marry me!”



“But marriage is a very serious decision! You need to give me some time to think about that! That is what a good boyfriend would do!”

“Okay, I will give you some time…You have 72 hours to marry me. If by that time you haven't made your choice yet, your dipshit boyfriend and your dipshit family are dead meat. DEAD FUCKING MEAT. You hear me?”


“Good…See you in 72 hours, then!” Clarence said before leaving. “If you're looking for me, I'll be in Steven's house, painting some obscene graffitis over the walls and forcing some dipshits to eat their own excrement and drink their own urine…I do that kind stuff only because I can, but keep in mind they will suffer more because of you, dear Sadie. If you only let me to explore your curves, their suffering will be shorter and far more less painful…Keep that in mind while you take your decision…”

Than Clarence left and Sadie started crying.

“What I will do now?” she asked herself and started praying to the Lord for a miracle to happen.

While this was happening, the spaceship where Ateven, Connie, Amethyst, Mayor Dewey and the Lion were travelling finally arrived To Eltar, but the travelers were left unconscious because the intergalactic journey was too much for them and they needed to rest.

Some shadows walked towards the spaceship…And one little shadow entered inside the spaceship before Steven and the others wake up.

To be continued…
1438795866692s by Amalockh1

Dear Dad, I have spent over 10 years and $94,000 putting together my mosquito costume and now I am pleased to announce that I have become a mosquito. The costume is quite realistic and I have even attached bladders to the nose thing so that I can suck up liquids when I puncture them...with my nose thing. I could be buzzing all around you on a hot summer day and you wouldn't even recognize me as your son-child, you would just think, “Get away, mosquito.” From my point of view, you would be 3,000 dads because of the way I've designed the eyeballs. I might be saying, “Dad it's me, Dad it's me,” but you wouldn't be able to understand my language because of its buzzing. I am also into plastics now and I am making plastic tubes that you can suck liquids through; kind of like my mosquito nose, but used for different reasons. Hope you're doing well at camp. See you soon.


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Artist | Literature
Querido papá he pasado más de 10 años y gastado más de 94 mil dólares armando mí traje de mosquito y ahora me complace anunciar que me he convertido en un mosquito.

Mi traje es muy bueno, y le coloque vesículas en la nariz para poder absorber objetos cuando los perfore con mi nariz. Podría estar zumbando a tu alrededor en un caliente día de verano y ni siquiera reconocerías a tu hijo, tan solo dirías “aléjate mosquito”.

Desde mi punto de vista serías unos 3 mil papás debido a la forma en que diseñe mis ojos, podría estar diciendo papá soy yo, papá soy yo, pero no entenderías mi lenguaje porque son zumbidos.

Ahora también me gustan los plásticos, estoy haciendo tubos de plástico para poder absorber líquidos parecidos a los de mi nariz de mosquito, pero que se usan por otras razones, espero que te este yendo bien en el campamento, te veré pronto.

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